The LITTLE TRAINS OF ORTA are composed from a locomotive and three carriages each. The carriages have the capacity of 20 passengers each and the last one is equipped with a device for loading wheelchairs for the disabled.

The trains are authorized to take all the routes that lead to places of special interest:

  • SACROMONTE, where it is possible to visit the Basilica of San Nicolao and S.Francesco or the religious run that it develops among the 20 Chapels devoted to the life of S.Francesco.

  • LEGRO (the painted country), where it is possible to see the spectacular frescoes realized on the outside of the houses and representing scenes of film turned on the local lakes in the '70s years.

  • PIAZZALE DIANIA (Mini-golf), from which is possible to admire the shine of the Lake of Orta and to come down to the historical center walking for the characteristic alleys of Orta.